bliquy danielle
11-01-2017 - Saint saulve, France

je vous emmène chez Noa qui est souffrant donc une journée complète en sa compagnie et de la vôtre d'ailleurs, vos notes nous renforceront !!!! mes pensées ne vous quittent pas, excellente soirée à Munich pour toutes et tous, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

11-01-2017 - MIAMI, United States


Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
10-01-2017 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, so happy to see the photos of you all at the concerts in Amsterdam and Brussels.May your tour of Germany be everything you could hope for, and I just know your loyal fans will be looking forward to wonderful concerts with lots of MUSIC.Travel safely dear Maestro and take a rest when possible.I am so happy that you have been able to reschedule the remaining concerts here in the UK,we are very fortunate, and will welcome you to our shores with open arms and hearts.
Love as always Elaine.

Vivienne Pratt
10-01-2017 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you for the lovely Brussels images. It must have been 'pure magic' seeing all those beautiful ladies in exquisite White dresses dancing alongside their elegant partners in unison! I recall seeing you rehearsing them before your Maastricht Summer Concerts last year Andre. It was both amazing and fascinating watching you guide the dancers through their moves from where you stood upon the Dais. Microphone in hand you spoke so calmly and as always nothing escaped your notice even in such a large room with so many performers. You were patient and kind and of course I saw your mischievous humour which always lies beneath the surface waiting to appear which always puts people at their ease! Thank you for the music and laughter Andre. With love and respect always Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
10-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre grey an overcast but mild the birds are happy an very busy with my cheeky little Robin bossing everyone about insuring no one gets his cheese an mealworms! With your glorious music from Magic of the Movies playing 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is enormously happy at the wonders of the world, sights and sounds in harmony together - bird an Rieu Perfection. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of your Paleis 12 Concert it looked spectacular I can feel the music energy fun an friendship, so much I wish I could have been there with you all, sadly it just wasn't possible but 'no matter what' next year I'll be there. Soon with a few Andre Cds I'm off to the hospital your music is working wonders enhancing a slow recovery. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

bliquy danielle
10-01-2017 - Saint saulve, France

votre route fleurie est pleine de belles surprises prince des coeurs, des photos resplendissantes ! j'ai hâte ainsi que mes amies de m'y trouver, vous seul possédez cette force qui nous aide à surmonter nos épreuves négatives dans notre quotidien ! vous écouter, je positive, vous admirer, je positive, se retrouver devant vous et le JSO ce n'est que du bonheur à l'infini qu'attendent toutes vos fans ou que vous soyez, vivement ce premier avril chez vos cht'is, notre soleil c'est VOUS belle continuité, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Jan & Holly Dunedin NZ
10-01-2017 - 9012, New Zealand

My sincere condolences to you all with the untimely dead of Rudd. I"ve only just read the website and what a shock for us fans too. I just watched The African Dream DVD last night and was laughing at what he got up to at rehearsals, and the lovely way it all came together in the concert was so beautiful. My love goes out to you all especially his lovely wife and family.
God Bless you all.

Kathy S.
10-01-2017 - 30047, United States

About ten years ago my Dad introduced me to your music, Andre. When I would go home to Ohio to visit him, he would, "Let's listen to Andre!" A couple of days before he died in 2013 we brought your DVD's to hospice. He spent his final hours listening to your music. God Bless You from Atlanta! Kathy. (One of your concerts is on my bucket list!)

Marilyn Baillon
09-01-2017 - Gwent, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,Lin and families. I was so saddened to hear of the sudden ,tragic loss of such a young and wonderfully talented musician,husband and father. I too lost my darling husband to a sudden heart attack and I know the pain you are feeling right now. But know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people from all over the world. God Bless you all

Gary Taylor
09-01-2017 - Las Vegas, United States

I cannot fully tell you how very much your music and orchestra mean to me. I am a 70 year-old man who "discovered" you only 6 weeks ago while channel surfing and finding PBS with your orchestra. I have become a die hard fan of your organization, have purchased 7 of your DVDs, 3 CDs, and Marjorie's book on your life which I am now reading. I have a degree in U. S. History and have never given any thought to going outside the U.S. But now I would love to visit Maastricht. Would any of the following 2 "angels" enjoy becoming a pen-pal to keep me up to date with your group:Tanja Derwahl or Judith Luesink? Any chance of your booking Las Vegas, NV at the "Smith Center?" Would love to see you in person. Thank you for reading this and tell Marjorie I LOVE HER BOOK about you!

maureen fremantle scotland
09-01-2017 - Dalbeattie, United Kingdom

my friends and I the 5 of us come to Masstricht every year to enjoy your wonderful J S O and ruud was much part of the entertainment he will be sadly missed all 5 of our group send ours prayers to his family and all of you sincere condalances from Maureen pat Kenny pat Sandra god be with you all

09-01-2017 - Alvesta, Sweden

I just want to give you all a hug across the miles. These two concerts this past weekend must have been among the hardest you've ever had to do. But from what I see and read, you pulled it off admirably.

My hat's off to you!

09-01-2017 - BONDOUFLE, France

Bonjour cher ANDRE, j'étais hier 8 janvier à BRUXELLES où j'ai passé une soirée merveilleuse. Votre programme m'a enchantée. Tous les morceaux étaient superbes et vous même étiez en pleine forme. J'ai eu entre autre la bonne surprise de revoir les danseurs de Maastricht que j'avais déjà vus en juillet mais cette fois étant au premier rang j'en ai encore plus profité. Vous nous avez fait de superbes cadeaux de fins de concert avec des medleys et Mexico entre autre plus des morceaux de Maastricht.
Merci pour cette très belle soirée.
Au pied de la scene j'ai pu faire de très belles photos.
Et vous allez continuer d'enchanter vos nombreux fans. Je vais vous retrouver à TREVES dans un mois.
Je vous envoie mille baisers

Joël Fossion
09-01-2017 - LIEGE, Belgium

super beau votre concert du nouvel an à Bruxelles hier 8 janvier 2017 superbes moments passés pour cette magnifique soirée sincèrement vôtre.
Bravo pour tout, merci à vous, votre orchestre, vos chanteurs ténors, barytons et sopranos, sans oublier vos 150 danseurs qui vont avec vous nous laisser un magnifique souvenirs

andrée henno d'uccle belgique
09-01-2017 - Uccle, Belgium

bonjour prince de mon cœur, j'ai passée une merveilleuse soirée au palais 12, le 8 janvier, vous ètes le meilleur. vous ètes toujours le même ,aussi beau et talentueux ;,amitiés a Marjorie et a vous mon prince je vous envoie mes plus tendres baisers ( MON COEUR SERA TOUJOURS POUR VOUS ) que dieu vous protège

Julie Blake and Jean Banner Iver Heath, England
09-01-2017 - Iver, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre.
I agree with you when you say The Show Must Go On, but it doesn't make it any easier does it the loss of family and friends who you love dearly, like dear Ruud. He was such a character and with his fun and beautiful playing which will be missed, but will stay forever in our hearts forever. I have played Clarinet since i was 11 and Saxophone since i was 16 and there is nothing like Music to be a great healer and help you through the bad times. Whether playing it or listening to it. My Mum Jean is a Nat King Cole Fan and would love you to compose When I Fall In Love. Take care love to you, your family and all the JSO. See you on 6th March.

elly klomp
09-01-2017 - Drunen, Netherlands

we hebben zaterdag 7 jan erg genoten van jullie concert in
.de ziggo dome in amsterdam
wij gaan ook voor de volgende 100jaar .
veel succes dit jaar .

Vivienne Pratt
09-01-2017 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre
Thank you so much for the beautiful AMSTERDAM NEWSPHOTOS. I must admit to a few tears as the reports started to come in telling me of the magic time my friends enjoyed with you in the giant Ziggo Dome. The lovely pictures I have seen have shown me how happy you all were to be back on your beloved buhne with a renewed zest and vitality. It was a joy to see and its 'music to my ears' Andre to hear you say that this New Year in Amsterdam is the beginning of a long tradition playing the first concert of the year in Amsterdam! I'm positive dear Ruud will have been with you too twinkling above 'shining a light' of love and encouragement. Thank you also dear Andre for your 'Happy New Year' wishes which I return to you a millionfold! Bless you Andre. Love and respect always Viv xx

Kirsten Esbensen
09-01-2017 - Soenderborg, Denmark

Dear Andre and the JSO
Thank you so much for a fantastic concert in the Ziggo Dome.
Also thank you for thanking "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" in the program.
A very happy new year to all of you.
Best regards
Kirsten & Torben

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's grey an raining but the birds still come an lighten my heart along with your beautiful music. La Vie Est Belle is lifting my spirits an giving me strength for the day ahead in a couple of hours I must go to the hospital to sit with my friend helping to care for him an hopefully aid his recovery. For so many years 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas has had the pleasure an support of your wonderful music I can't envisage a day without it. When the sun shines you make the day even brighter an vibrant, when it rains you chase away the clouds bringing rainbows an sparkles to the sky, when there's illness troubles an sadness you give courage,strength an hope turning to smiles an gladness. Your Music heals an rejuvenates Andre.Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

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