The Flying Dutchman (NTSC)

The long awaited concert from Kerkrade is now out on DVD! Complete with all the soloists, Carla, Carmen, Suzan, Akim, Otto Waalkes, John Sheahan, 100 horses with riders and a corps of trumpeters and percussionists, this two-hour spectacle is the biggest hit from 2004! The DVD includes two specials of an hour each, three bonus tracks, a film about the 'making of' the DVD and the recordings for a regional TV programme based on this special concert, with André and his son Pierre. The DVD lasts a total of 160 minutes! This concert gives you a unique chance to hear André speaking in his own very charming Maastricht dialect. The whole DVD has subtitles in five languages! The finishing touch to the DVD is a beautiful booklet with photos of the concert. The Flying Dutchman is an absolute must for any fan!

€ 16,50
infoGoldmembers: € 14,85

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